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The Virtual Reality application that takes the stress out inpublic speaking.

VR Art Exhibition

What is SpeakVR?

SpeakVR is a Virtual Reality application that offers substantial practice of speaking in front of crowds. Using audio processing technology, SpeakVR provides a personalized experience that will analyze a speech performance and offer guidance and feedback through an interactive audience.

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Social Impact

Public speaking is a valuable skill with applications ranging all the way from teaching to marketing. Our application will give substantial and realistic practice to those who struggle with performance anxiety or other limiting issues. Through the simulation, users can recieve feedback from an artifical audience and build crucial comfortability infront of a crowd that they cannot recieve from lackluster household practices.


SpeakVR's main goal is to provide a fully customizable experience to the user. Therefore, our team has specifically developed the feature for the user to upload their own personalized speeches. The implementation of the user's unique speeches will heighten user immersion and provide the most accurate feedback. 

Target Audience

The audience of this application is mostly psychologist and educators. As not many people recognize their lack of skill in public speaking nor desire to improve on their own, SpeakVR is marketed to these experts who can effectively and safely recommend the application to their patients or students respectively.


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SpeakVR is based in

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(313) 888 -9899

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